Paints & Coatings

In 1997, Palmer commercialized the first continuous CNSL distillation plant in the world that utilized “thin film” and “short path” evaporation technologies. By distilling CNSL in this manner, purer, lighter-colored components are made available for certain reaction chemistries.

Palmer offers a broad portfolio of technologies that include our Cashewthane™ brand of air-dry resins, our Aquenol™ brand of nonionic surfactants, and various epoxy curing agents among others. Depending on the technology, Palmer’s materials provide powerful benefits to our customers’ systems, including VOC reduction, pigment dispersion efficacy and low-temperature cure promotion.

Palmer’s green chemicals find utility in a myriad of applications across many segments in the Paints and Coatings markets:

  • Architectural stains
  • Stain-blocking primers
  • Clear-coat varnishes
  • Water-based, organic pigment dispersions
  • Pigment flushes
  • Sheetfed inks
  • Marine primers and topcoats
  • Industrial and protective coatings

With greater and greater emphasis on greener, low-VOC components, Palmer’s technologies are a vital option for our worldwide customers.

To learn more about Palmer CNSL products for paints and coatings and how they could help in your application, contact us today.